FairPlanet (2022)

Despite Beijing’s pledge to stop building overseas coal projects, dozens were found to have still gone ahead, and the energy efficiency of the existing ones also need improvement.

About a year ago, Chinese president Xi Jinping made a pledge at a United Nations meeting that the enormous coal-fired power plants funder would halt any new projects overseas.

The East Asian nation vowing to step away from coal gradually has not actively addressed this grey area mentioned by experts and organisations for months, according to Wawa Wang, director of the NGO Just Finance International.

“We haven’t seen strong evidence of Chinese state actors making public announcements disclosing data on the implementing of the open-ended pledge that do not seem to apply to projects not yet constructed but have had financial closure, like Tuzla 7 in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” she told FairPlanet. 

The issue lies in a lack of data transparency from China and should be addressed, Wang added.

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