About us

Just Finance works to ensure that the public budget spent globally on development and infrastructure finance is contributing to the advancement of sustainability for populations and the environment. 

We conduct in-depth research on financial flows and advocates for transparency and accountability in the investment decisions by public financial and development institutions.

The climate emergency and the alarming loss of the planet’s biodiversity are closely related to ill-conceived large-scale infrastructure projects financed with public money. These include power plants that will generate greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come, and large hydropower dams, mining projects and export corridors that slice through some of the world’s few remaining wild areas and intact forests.

In addition to global consequences, there are often severe impacts on local communities who are affected by pollution, forced resettlement and loss of livelihood. We make it our mission to support affected communities, whose rights, livelihoods and access to decision-making processes have been impeded by these investments.

Just Finance is a program of VedvarendeEnergi, a Danish development and environmental NGO.

Wawa Wang

Program Director

Wawa works with civil society actors to improve access to information and decision-making in development finance. She previously worked as a policy advisor and investigative researcher for international and European NGOs and trade entities, and has been a trade and foreign affairs advisor for governments.

Nils Resare

Senior Researcher

Nils is an investigative reporter, editor and author, working mainly in international development, trade and security policy. He has reported for the Swedish media from four continents since the mid- 1990s, and has done in-depth research into cross-border corruption in Africa, the Balkans and Scandinavia.

Vanessa Buth


Vanessa holds a PhD in political science from UEA in the UK. She has worked as a senior research associate on Brexit and in research projects on the European Commission. She has extensive experience in non-profit environment and community engagement initiatives.