Foreign Policy: China Is Outsourcing Its Pollution

To meet China’s targets to slash emissions of carbon dioxide, authorities are pushing to shut down privately owned steel, coal, and other high-polluting factories scattered across rural areas. Read the article in full: Foreign Policy

Bosnia and Herzegovina: dying for coal

On all Saints day, people had come from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and even from abroad, to honour their loved ones at the cemetary of the Divkovici village, in Bosian and Herzegovina. That’s where we met Goran Stojak, who recently lost his father to lung cancer. In the last four months, six people… Continue reading Bosnia and Herzegovina: dying for coal

China stokes global coal growth

Chinese companies and banks are continuing to drive global coal expansion, as state owned companies, backed by state loans, build coal-fired power plants across the world. This is despite commitments from China’s top leaders to deliver clean energy and low carbon infrastructure for developing countries. Read the full story at