Information (DK): For ten years, Serbia has been in the EU’s waiting room, while China is making its mark on the country – and its environment

The sound of explosions, heavy dust in the air and polluted rivers plague the residents of the Serbian mining town of Bor, where a Chinese company bought the mine in 2018. The cooperation between the EU candidate country Serbia and China has intensified in recent years, but there are both environmental and political risks with the Chinese projects – and growing local opposition

Mongabay: U.N., rights groups flag potential violations in $3b Indonesian tourism project

By providing core finance for the project, AIIB must take responsibility for its complicity in bankrolling the Mandalika project, where its client and project proponents have been implicated in inflicting human rights violations and fueling land conflicts.

Energy Monitor: Should we be worried about coal’s resurgence?

Nick Ferris, Energy Monitor, 20 April, 2022: One of the big climate wins of 2021 was the announcement from China, Japan and South Korea that they would no longer fund new coal plants overseas. For China, this was massive: the country had long been the biggest funder of coal plants worldwide, with these projects forming a… Continue reading Energy Monitor: Should we be worried about coal’s resurgence?

Table China: China’s international coal-exit has a transparency problem

“China has announced its intention to phase out financing of overseas coal-fired power. But the details remain unclear. For example, will China also stop projects that have already been started? Wawa Wang and Dr. Vanessa Buth from the non-governmental organization Just Finance International, which campaigns for more transparency in public procurement, reviewed China’s numerous coal projects in the Western Balkans. They urge the EU and Germany to call on China to disclose its overseas coal policies.”