Serbia’s Chinese-Built Coal-Fired Power Plant Deals Blow to Climate and Health

Just Finance International is calling on the Chinese authorities to honor President Xi’s September 2021 pledge to ‘not build new coal-fired power projects abroad’, by immediately exiting the Tuzla 7 project”

Chinese Contractor’s Offer for Bosnia’s Tuzla 7 Coal Power Plant Rejected

Just Finance International welcomes the July 14th announcement by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBIH) government that it will reject a proposal for an alternative Chinese subcontractor for the proposed Tuzla 7 coal fired power plant, and calls on the Federation of BiH Parliament to choose to ditch the plant’s construction.

Bosnia’s planned Tuzla 7 lignite plant on the rocks after state aid U-turn

The future of the planned 450 MW Tuzla 7 lignite plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina is again in doubt after the country’s State Aid Council revoked its decision to approve a public guarantee for a EUR 614 million loan from China Eximbank last week, four years after the Council’s initial clearance. 5 July 2022 The… Continue reading Bosnia’s planned Tuzla 7 lignite plant on the rocks after state aid U-turn

The Diplomat: Despite Xi’s Pledge, China Is Financing Coal Power Plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Despite a pledge to stop financing coal power abroad, overseas coal power plants financed by Chinese banks and state-owned enterprises are still moving forward – including in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read the full story by Wawa Wang and Nils Resare in the Diplomat here.

Deceptive feasibility studies for new coal power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The contaminated ash from the Tuzla coal power plant is mixed with water and pumped out into a dessert-like field a few kilometres outside the city centre. Well-implemented environmental impact assessments and feasibility studies are crucial for governments to make fully informed decisions. Underestimating environmental impacts or miscalculating costs will not only undermine accountability, but… Continue reading Deceptive feasibility studies for new coal power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Chinese coal power still in Bosnian pipeline

Mile Krstić is expecting a new neighbour: just a few hundred metres from his house, the ground has been prepared for the new coal-fired power station, Ugljevik III. His house is already surrounded by the city’s substantial coal industry: Ugljevik I, one of Europe’s most polluting coal fired station, are in front of it, and… Continue reading Chinese coal power still in Bosnian pipeline

Response: G20 ends public financing for international coal-fired power projects, we ask China to walk away from Western Balkan coal projects immediately.

G20 nations including China have agreed to ending public financing for international coal-fired power projects this year, following on from similar commitments by the G7 and the OECD. China, the world’s top financier for the construction of international coal-fired power projects, still currently has over 1.7 GW of planned coal-fired power plants and the 350 MW Kostolac B3 coal-fired power project under construction in the Western Balkan countries in Southeast Europe… Continue Reading

Adding coal to the fire

Our research on China’s new and ongoing international coal-fired power deals show that while project completion rate is on the decline, and the cancellation rate of projects in a number of countries has risen during the past year, there is a risk that over 3,645 megawatts of newly announced deals from 2021 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Serbia, as well as over 10 GW of planned projects in six countries across Europe, Asia and Africa may receive financing or at risk of getting built and put into operation.