Legal Memo on Chinese investments in Serbia Shows Weakened Rule of Law, Leading to Forced Labour and Human Rights Abuses

Ahead of this week’s European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) vote on Serbia, Just Finance International and Serbia’s Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute (RERI) today published a legal analysis detailing how a weakening of law and transparency in Serbia has provided loopholes for large scale infrastructure investments, including from China, leading to reports of forced labour and human rights abuses, along with impacts on human health and the environment.

Chinese companies in Serbia – disgraced in international operations

Zijin Blacklisted by investors and pension funds Multilateral company Zijin currently operates a copper and mining complex in Bor. The company is accused of severe pollution in several countries and has been found to have violated the UN Convention on Biological Diversity by dumping large amounts of waste into a river in Papua New Guinea.… Continue reading Chinese companies in Serbia – disgraced in international operations

How Chinese investments compromise Serbian independence

Serbia has become a hotspot for large scale Chinese investments and lending in highly polluting industries. Some of the activities will leave a deep footprint in the environment and the rule of law. BRI-Europa presents an overview of the most problematic takeovers in the country and explain how they were approved without required transparency and procurement procedures.