Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Increasing Loss of Transparency and Control by International Partners

Just Finance International and the Heinrich Böll Foundation are launching a joint report today which examines how the revised safeguard policy of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) fails to improve its accountability and transparency. Continue Reading

The Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Global Leader in Infrastructure at What Cost?

In the run-up to the annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) on October 26–28, the Heinrich Böll Foundation presents an analysis of what transparency requirements the AIIB has met following the review of its Environmental and Social Framework for financing.

Chinese investments is undercutting Serbian Rule of law

Foreign direct investments and loans from China have in recent years enabled some of Serbia’s largest and most polluting infrastructure projects in coal, mining and transport sectors. These particular investments have been reported to be benefiting from practices that are nothing short of undercutting legal requirements specific to procurement, transparency and environmental permitting procedures.

Governments worsen climate crisis with USD billions in export finance

Every year, G20 countries give tens of billions of taxpayer-backed money to the fossil fuel industry via secretive government agencies known as Export Credit Agencies (ECAs). We can’t address the climate crisis effectively if our governments continue to prop up fossil fuels. Continue Reading

Find out more and sign the letter to world leaders urging them to stop supporting the fossil fuel industry via public financial institutions:

200+ CSOs call on world leaders to end public finance for fossil fuels in 2021

One day before world leaders meet to discuss the energy transition at the United Nations High Level Dialogue on Energy, more than 200 civil society organizations (CSOs) from over 40 countries have released a statement calling on world leaders to end international public finance for coal, oil and gas.  The statement points to International Energy… Continue reading 200+ CSOs call on world leaders to end public finance for fossil fuels in 2021