FairPlanet: China’s no new coal overseas pledge has a big catch

Despite Beijing’s pledge to stop building overseas coal projects, dozens were found to have still gone ahead, and the energy efficiency of the existing ones also need improvement. About a year ago, Chinese president Xi Jinping made a pledge at a United Nations meeting that the enormous coal-fired power plants funder would halt any new projects overseas.… Continue reading FairPlanet: China’s no new coal overseas pledge has a big catch

Serbia’s Chinese-Built Coal-Fired Power Plant Deals Blow to Climate and Health

Just Finance International is calling on the Chinese authorities to honor President Xi’s September 2021 pledge to ‘not build new coal-fired power projects abroad’, by immediately exiting the Tuzla 7 project”

Chinese Contractor’s Offer for Bosnia’s Tuzla 7 Coal Power Plant Rejected

Just Finance International welcomes the July 14th announcement by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBIH) government that it will reject a proposal for an alternative Chinese subcontractor for the proposed Tuzla 7 coal fired power plant, and calls on the Federation of BiH Parliament to choose to ditch the plant’s construction.

Table China: China’s international coal-exit has a transparency problem

“China has announced its intention to phase out financing of overseas coal-fired power. But the details remain unclear. For example, will China also stop projects that have already been started? Wawa Wang and Dr. Vanessa Buth from the non-governmental organization Just Finance International, which campaigns for more transparency in public procurement, reviewed China’s numerous coal projects in the Western Balkans. They urge the EU and Germany to call on China to disclose its overseas coal policies.”

Deceptive feasibility studies for new coal power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The contaminated ash from the Tuzla coal power plant is mixed with water and pumped out into a dessert-like field a few kilometres outside the city centre. (2021) Well-implemented environmental impact assessments and feasibility studies are crucial for governments to make fully informed decisions. Underestimating environmental impacts or miscalculating costs will not only undermine accountability,… Continue reading Deceptive feasibility studies for new coal power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kina bygger ny global kulindustri – stik imod klimamålene

Kina satser massivt på vedvarende energi hjemme. Samtidigt investerer kinesiske banker og selskaber i nye kulkraftværker ude i verden – direkte i strid med Parisaftalen og de internationale klimamål. Wawa Wang, senior rådgiver hos VedvarendeEnergi, overvåger investeringer i kulindustrien og sætter globalt fokus på problemet.   I Branićevo i den sydøstlige del af Serbien ligger kulkraftværket Kostolac. Ikke langt derfra ligger et tæppe af skurvogne sig i sommeren 2017. Vognene fungerer som midlertidige hjem for hundredvis af kinesiske arbejdere, mens… Continue reading Kina bygger ny global kulindustri – stik imod klimamålene

Echo Wall: China’s Coal Conundrum: How Beijing is spreading a highly polluting model for growth

The majority of EU members support the goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050, however, there is another potentially complicating issue on the horizon that could have serious environmental, economic and legal problems that would burden carbon goals for years to come. Read the article in full: Echo Wall