Serbia’s E-763: How China is constructing a high-speed road without a license

Highway E-763, which connects Belgrade and Montenegro, has been built with impressive speed outside the Serbian city of Cacak. But local communities complain of noise, pollution and devastated eco systems. The main contractor, Chinese state-owned company CCCC, is accused of excavating gravel for the road without obtaining the necessary permits.

China Dialogue: China’s overseas coal pledge yields mixed results in Serbia and Bosnia

The Balkan nations are among the first to feel effects of President Xi’s announcement of an end to support for coal projects, as struggles over energy transition persist.

Uprkos Xijevoj datoj riječi, Kina nije odustala od finansiranja termoelektrana na ugalj u Bosni i Hercegovini

Foto: Just Finance International (2021) Pišu: Wawa Wang i Nils Resare 30/11/2021 Mile Krstić očekuje novog komšiju. Svega nekoliko stotina metara dalje od njegove kuće, pripremljeno je zemljište za izgradnju nove termoelektrane u Ugljeviku, bloka III, koji će graditi kineske i poljsko-kineske firme. Krstićevu kuću odranije okružuje velika rudarska industrija u ovom gradu. TE Ugljevik… Continue reading Uprkos Xijevoj datoj riječi, Kina nije odustala od finansiranja termoelektrana na ugalj u Bosni i Hercegovini

The Diplomat: Despite Xi’s Pledge, China Is Financing Coal Power Plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Despite a pledge to stop financing coal power abroad, overseas coal power plants financed by Chinese banks and state-owned enterprises are still moving forward – including in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read the full story by Wawa Wang and Nils Resare in the Diplomat here.

Chinese coal power still in Bosnian pipeline

Mile Krstić is expecting a new neighbour: just a few hundred metres from his house, the ground has been prepared for the new coal-fired power station, Ugljevik III. His house is already surrounded by the city’s substantial coal industry: Ugljevik I, one of Europe’s most polluting coal fired station, are in front of it, and… Continue reading Chinese coal power still in Bosnian pipeline

Radio Slobodna Evropa: New Power Plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina jeopardise international obligations

A Polish-Chinese investor is planning another thermal power plant in Ugljevik, contrary to the suggestions made by the Energy Community to Bosnian. Read the article in full (in Bosnian): Radio Slobodna Evropa